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    2. 武漢大學深圳研究院國際考試中心 關于疫情防控要求的通知

      武漢大學深圳研究院國際考試中心 關于疫情防控要求的通知

      作者: 來源: 發布時間:2022-03-09






          1) 全程佩戴口罩,并在聚集和排隊等候區域,請自覺保持一米以上社交距離。

          2) 需出示“粵康碼”、14天內行程卡、有效身份證件。

















            如有疑問,請致電考點咨詢電話:0755-8656 3637。



      Wuhan University Shenzhen Research Institute International Test Centre

      Notice on Epidemic Prevention & Control Requirements 



      In accordance with the current situation of COVID-19 prevention & control, and in the spirit of the latest notification from Shenzhen COVID-19 Prevention and Control Office, all registered candidates are required to understand and follow the following prevention and control measures:


      1. Arrive at the test venue in advance to ensure there are sufficient time to complete the epidemic prevention inspection and information filling process.


      2. Comply with the following requirements for admission:

      1) Wear a mask at all times, and maintain a social distance of at least one meter in gathering and queuing areas;

      2) Present Guangdong Health Code (GHC)”, travel card within 14 days and valid ID;

      3)All candidates are required to submit negative nucleic acid test reports within 24 hours upon check-in on the morning of the test day (subject to the time when the report is issued).

      (Nucleic acid test report and certificate in paper, electronic or GHC code are either acceptable).

      4) Cooperate with temperature measurement process.

      5) Sign the Candidate Personal Health Statement Form.

      6) Follow the instructions of the test centre staff, leave the test centre immediately after test.


      3. Candidates shall not be admitted to attend the test under any of the following conditions:

      1) Unable to present a "green" health code, a "green" travel code or have no valid nucleic acid test negative certificate;

      2) Under 14-day compulsory isolation period, medical observation period or self-isolation period as required by the Chinese Government;

      3) Have fever, persistent cough, dyspnea or flu-like symptoms within 14 days prior to and on the test day;

      4) Body temperature exceeds 37.3℃ on the test day.

      5) Those who are found unsuitable to participate in crowd gathering activities by the on-site supervisors of the community epidemic prevention, police station or other local administrative organs of the test site on test day.


      4. Candidates must promise that the information submitted is true, accurate and complete, and understand that they will bear the legal consequences and responsibilities for concealing the information, and that the concealment may have other adverse effects on them, such as cancellation of the test score and prohibition of participating in relevant tests.


      Please pay close attention to the NOTICE as we will update it timely according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements. 


      If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us at: 0755-8656 3637.


       April 7th, 2022



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